Critical Care Hospital

Located in downtown Richmond on VCU’s MCV Campus, the Critical Care Hospital houses intensive care units for patients who are critically injured or critically ill, as well as units for premature newborns and heart, neurology, respiratory, cancer and burn patients. Each area is prepared for the highest level of care, with advanced monitoring devices, mechanical ventilators and all the necessary equipment for organ support.

Expanded emergency areas and operating rooms enhance the ability of staff to respond immediately to urgent situations. Comfortable, spacious areas for families to wait and for children to play help ease anxiety and calm fears.

Departments and services by floor


  • Secure Care Unit (restricted)


  • Central Sterile Processing

Ground Floor

  • Access to patient and visitor parking

Floor 1

  • Public concourse
  • Gift shop
  • Interpreter Services

Floor 2

  • Acute Care Oncology

Floor 3

  • Acute Care Medicine

Floor 4

  • Medical Respiratory ICU

Floor 5


Floor 6

Floor 7

  • Acute Care Surgery

Floor 8

Floor 9

Floor 10

  • Cardiac Surgery ICU
  • Coronary ICU

Floor 11

  • Neuroscience ICU


1213 East Clay Street
Richmond, Virginia 23298
Phone: (804) 828-9000

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