Patient Transfer Center

VCU LifeEvac helicopter

We have expanded our Patient Transfer Center services to assist with your transfer needs. The center operates 24 hours, seven days a week.

Our one-call advantage can quickly facilitate urgent and same-day admissions to the medical center.

Your patient referrals are very important to us. Our goal is to streamline the referral and acceptance process, making it faster, more efficient and convenient with improved communications.

With a single toll-free call, you will receive rapid consultation from our physicians. With a communications specialist on the line at all times, coordination of patient transfer and transportation is completed through a streamlined process for all medical services at the center.

Transfer care services

Our Patient Transfer Center offers inpatient-to-inpatient and emergency-department-to-emergency-department transfers for all adult and pediatric patients. We offer personalized service that includes:

  • Seamless transfer process
  • Interface with bed management
  • Ongoing communication with the referring physician

Transfer center process

All referrals require a physician-to-physician consult to discuss the condition of the patient prior to acceptance. Communications specialists coordinate the transfer by gathering medical information. The specialist pages, connects and remains on the line as a “silent partner” until the patient is accepted in transfer.

We also coordinate bed assignments and connect to VCU LifeEvac for air transport as needed. The specialist shares inbound patient data with air transport and our Emergency Department and communicates with the referring facility. The specialist pages the on-call attending physician and assures compliance with protocols.